Case Studies


Our approach is “meeting a family or family member where they are” to help them address real needs, concerns and life events.  Through these interactions, we build trust and understanding, allowing us to help families address current financial issues and look around the corner to be prepared for the future.  Our client families are all unique but all go through many of the same life events—the sale or establishment of a business, marriage (and sometimes divorce), purchase of real estate, retirement, death of a loved one, potential inheritance, etc.  Helping them navigate these events is core to what we do.

Ultimately, we strive to develop authentic relationships, where each family member understands that we are here to help with anything that may touch their financial life and overall well-being.  We want to be the resource that a family has put in place for generations to follow.

In the Case Studies highlighted below, we illustrate Colony’s approach to integrated wealth planning, investment management and fiduciary services made possible by the genuine client connections developed.

The Targeted Solution illustrations highlight specific planning strategies implemented in the context of the overall family relationship.

Comprehensive Case Studies
Targeted Solutions