Investment Management

Clarity & Conviction

As an investment management firm, our primary objective is to design custom portfolios based upon the individual goals and objectives of each client.  Colony only accepts compensation from the families we serve. We are not paid commissions on any product or service we provide. Our investment advice is structured to be free of bias and focused solely on our clients’ best interests.  Importantly, key principals of Colony have invested side-by-side with our families, signifying a high level of shared conviction in the investment strategy and a clear alignment of interests with our clients.

Our investment process is proven and disciplined.

1 Portfolio Design

Based on each client’s unique objectives, Colony builds custom, goals-based portfolios with a diverse mix of assets and strategies, spanning the risk and liquidity spectrum. We utilize low cost, tax-efficient strategies and skilled active managers to enhance risk-adjusted returns. These portfolios are generally structured to enhance real wealth and purchasing power. Investments in hedge funds, private equity and other alternative strategies provide added diversification and access to uncorrelated sources of return.  We approach investing from a disciplined, long-term perspective while employing a flexible approach to manage risk and capitalize on market opportunities.

2 Portfolio Construction

Designing the appropriate strategic asset allocation is a critical element of our client’s investment plan.  We model a variety of portfolio scenarios and stress test them to identify a portfolio and asset allocation that is appropriate for each entity and client.  This information becomes the basis for establishing a family’s investment policy statement (IPS).  The IPS provides the foundation upon which all investment decisions are made.

3 Portfolio Implementation

Our focus is on the variables that we can control such as: the level of risk accepted in a portfolio, investment fees and income taxes.  While thoughtfully diversifying portfolios across risk factors, geographies and asset classes, we adjust allocations tactically to capture attractive risk/reward opportunities and to avoid overvalued segments of the market.  Colony utilizes passive, index-like strategies for low-cost, tax-efficient market (beta) exposure, and combine it with skilled active managers and alternative strategies that can generate true excess returns (alpha).  We maintain a disciplined, long-term perspective in the face of market volatility, and rebalance the portfolio regularly.  Throughout our process, the focus is to manage fees and mitigate taxes.

4 Communication and Reporting

Colony communicates openly and frequently with our client families.  Whether it is a face-to-face meeting, a telephone conversation or an email, our desire is the same: we want our clients to understand clearly what our viewpoint is and how that impacts our actions in portfolios.  We also hold ourselves accountable to ensure that we meet your portfolio performance requirements and overall investment objectives.  Our portal allows us to provide timely and detailed information on your investment assets and performance.

With objectivity and flexibility in mind, we have built an investment platform of world-class investment managers.