Cyber Webinar

February 2023

The internet plays a huge role in just about every aspect of daily life, both at home and at the office. At Colony, we rely on technology for managing our business and communicating with you. You rely on technology when working with us, your business, and home management. We know you can feel exposed or vulnerable when there’s a security breach or information hack in the news. Further, cybercriminals are looking for new ways to hack and scam their way through security measures, often relying on human error.

Our mission at Colony Family Offices is to provide financial peace of mind to families with significant wealth. Technology and Finance are increasingly interconnected. We recently partnered with Fidelity to offer a Cyber Training Webinar. Gary Rossi, Head of Personal Insights Security Program for Fidelity Investments and former special agent for the FBI, led a discussion about security topics and tips for protecting your personal information, including:
1. Make Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals
2. Your Digital Footprint – Understand and Protect It
3. Protect Loved Ones from Elder Scams
4. Keep Your Home Secure – People, Possessions, and Information
5. Q&A

Here are links to access the “Personal Security Brochure” and “Make Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals” information referenced in the video below.